Branding Strategy

Brand Strategy is a long-term plan for the advancement of a successful brand with specific goals. In order to gain the trust of possible patients, it is important to have a well-developed and well-defined strategy which covers all aspects of your practice. The strategy needs to connect the patient needs, emotions and competitive landscape uniquely as part of your Brand Image. Our goal with every dental practice is to make a strategy that provides deliverable results where Dentists can effectively see their Return on Investment.

Everyone talks about establishing a brand or identity for practice, but the reality is that the branding is carefully crafted through strategic and consistent campaigns. It is important for your patient to go through the customer journey in a fashion where they are fully aware of your brand through each stage. To identify the best way to brand your company, it is crucial to understand the target demographic of the patients you are trying to attract.

Our approach is simple and strategic. We first go through the stages of the customer journey ourselves and then filter the information that is essential for the customer to know. We then look at modern trends of how competitors in the industry operate and uniquely craft our own approach. The final stage is to brand your website and social media channels with consist campaigns that are timely. As technology advances, more and more people find themselves spending more time on Social Media and Search Engines than actually talking to people face to face. We must understand the shift in preference and fit the experience thinking about the customers needs.

Contact us today so we can discuss how to craft a strategy for your Brand that is modernized and will catch the eyes of new patients as soon as they come across your brand online.

Launch Your Brand

01. Consider your overall business strategy.

02. Identify your target clients.

03. Research your target client group.

04. Develop your brand positioning.

05. Develop your messaging strategy.

06. Develop your name, logo and tagline.

07. Develop your content marketing strategy.

08. Develop your website.

09. Build your marketing toolkit.

10. Implement, track, and adjust.

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BoostDDS aims to provide dental clinics with access to digital marketing companies that can service their needs. We are backed up by a team of experts within Dent247 who are ready to increase your brand presence online and help you unlock channels to get new patients. To learn more about our marketing partners and how we hope to grow BoostDDS all throughout North America, get in touch with a Sales Representative today!

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