Power Features

Appointments Widget

Nowadays with everyone running a race against time, taking an appointment on phone can sound like a tasking exercise. For some customers, an inconvenient appointment booking procedure can be a major turn off. With the Compare Care appointment widget, you can facilitate your customers by allowing them to book online appointments from their mobile device within minutes. So, if you’re a dental practitioner, a beauty salon owner or a real estate agent, your appointment widget can be a handy tool to save your customers time and to keep your appointment calendar updated.

Patient Tracker

Patient Care allows you to customize patient profiles so each patient has a unique experience. As the world becomes more advanced with technology, your clinic’s goal should be to stay relevant and invite the new generation of patients to your Dental Clinic.

We pride ourselves to be the leading expert to establish an end-to-end solution. Our Patient Tracker is an easy to use widget which makes sure patients have easy accessibility to book an appointment through all online platforms in a synchronized manner. We can even setup reminders for patient birthdays so that all your patients are taken care of inside and outside the clinic. Call us today for a demo so we can show you how Dental Practices scheduling systems & patient trackers have been automated and personalized through our expert guidance in this industry.

Google Review Booster

Leverage Google reviews to strengthen the rating of your business on the World’s Biggest Search Engine. Receive reviews to preview of your website and within your digital marketing campaigns while filtering bad reviews into feedback. Using the Google Review Booster to better connect with patients and make sure their voices are heard.

Online Reputation Management:

Online reputation management allows you to scale your clinic and establish a presence for long term usage. It’s time for you to take your clinic to the next level by letting us guide you on industry leading strategies used by Dentists worldwide.

Our Clients

Check out our portfolio of local healthcare practices which we have created a digital footprint for. To speak to a Sales Representative about how we can help your clinic get the online traction it needs, call us today!