Search Engine Optimization

BoostDDS keeps your website content relevant and uses keywords to optimize visits to your site and increase traffic, increasing organic traffic rather than direct. We prioritize our clients in making them the first option on Google in a general topic search. Not only have we been successful in getting our clients to the first ranking on Google based on their targeted keywords, but we are also driven to make it happen for our other clients who sign up for SEO. Driving organic traffic to your website creates a strong identification for your business with the impression that your business is superior, and a higher class compared to your competitors.

SEO benefits your dental practice immensely by bringing traffic to your multiple digital platforms and creates awareness amongst patients about your brand and what it has to offer by bringing your business to attention through search engines.

Target the Correct Keywords

Keyword search is a practice search engine that is used in order to find and research alternative and different search terms that are used when searching for similar keywords and products. BoostDDS uses keyword searches in order to optimize traffic and searches for your website on search engines in order to increase brand awareness. Keywords may also be used as a substitute for a title or author search when there is incomplete information.

Part of the SEO process is keywords and phrases that describe your content, so that search engines such as Google can rank websites accordingly. LSI keywords refer to words and phrases in Google that are semantically related to a specific topic. An example would be dental industry – Veneers, Invisalign, Cleaning, Implants, etc. Keyword searches are extremely beneficial. Google accounts for over 75% of global traffic, high quality content and link building are two of the most important signals that are used by Google to rank website searches and traffic.

Backlink Management and Link Building

SEO backlinks are one of the most important parts of online and SEO success. BoostDDS performs effective backlink research, finds high-quality backlinks, does SEO analysis on competitors backlinks in order to optimize your site further, and develops an SEO strategy unique to your company and industry. Backlink management revolves around identifying and expanding a company’s link profile. BoostDDS uses countless strategies in order to maximize traffic and use the most effective methods for your business.

Tell Us More About Your Marketing Needs!

BoostDDS aims to provide dental clinics with access to digital marketing companies that can service their needs. We are backed up by a team of experts within Dent247 who are ready to increase your brand presence online and help you unlock channels to get new patients. To learn more about our marketing partners and how we hope to grow BoostDDS all throughout North America, get in touch with a Sales Representative today!

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