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Social Media Marketing (SMO) consists of the use of social media platforms to promote products and services. As the digital space continues to grow with more and more users every day, social media marketing has become an essential marketing channel to any business. Promoting your business on social media can consist of sharing content, image updates, promotions, deals, sponsorships, newsletters, videos, and anything else that would engage your audience. SMO is one of the most beneficial marketing tools as it allows you to reach an extremely large audience, have a global impact, increase website traffic, improve SEO, build conversations, create brand awareness, create and build a brand identity as well as positive brand associations, improve communication, and interact with your key target audience.

Creating a social media strategy is vital to keeping on track and reaching your professional goals for your company. Goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Tracking your social media posts and analytics is helpful when measuring your success and confirming timely results. Analytics can tell you how many clicks, views, shares, reposts, and other sorts of interactions people are having with your content and posts. BoostDDS uses social media analytics to improve and customize future posts to help your business have further success with posts and content.


Social Media offers another marketing channel for creating brand awareness, relationship building or driving new sales. So why not use it? Especially when it’s FREE, right!?

People enjoy being part of a business that is proactively building a lively community. Such an online community can help you establish an emotional connection between your company and your prospects, which is essential for your long-term success.

Social media is a great feedback source. Enabling your prospects to communicate with your company and each other can greatly improve your customer service and increase brand trustworthiness.

Interacting in social networks can significantly increase your online presence. Social media leads to massive exposure due to its worldwide access, sharing capabilities, and huge amount of daily users.

Social media is a major lead generator, and it constantly brings high volume traffic to your website. It can also help with SEO since search engines significantly reflect your social media content.

Listening to your prospects on social networks can help you respond to their specific needs. This will most likely cause an increase in sales, but also expand your customer base.

Compared to traditional channels like print or advertising, social media marketing is affordable for any business. Remember that the channel itself is free!

Managing social media – taking care of all the content, tweets or feedback can get pretty time-consuming, and you need to focus primarily on your business. So how about leaving the social stuff to us?! No worries, we have plenty of experience to take complete responsibility of your social presence.
So get in touch with us—we’re ready to start today!

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BoostDDS aims to provide dental clinics with access to digital marketing companies that can service their needs. We are backed up by a team of experts within Dent247 who are ready to increase your brand presence online and help you unlock channels to get new patients. To learn more about our marketing partners and how we hope to grow BoostDDS all throughout North America, get in touch with a Sales Representative today!

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